Hei Tupuna Rangatira Koe: Ngāti Kuri calls on its uri to be good ancestors as it begins #HīkoiTo100

Following the Government decision for Te Tai Tokerau to remain at traffic light level red, Ngāti Kuri has announced #HīkoiTo100, a movement that will run throughout summer to rally iwi vaccinations.  

#HīkoiTo100 will build towards an outdoor music festival at the end of summer to celebrate iwi resilience with those who are vaccinated in the community. Headline acts will be announced in the coming weeks. 

Sheridan Waitai, Strategic Lead of Ngāti Kuri Iwi Board, says the hīkoi mobilizes the movement and asks everyone to play their part. 

“Over the years hīkoi has been associated with activism. Today as the first people to hīkoi, we are taking this movement from activism to actionism.”

Ms Waitai says the unifying idea for #HīkoiTo100 comes from the intrinsic iwi practice of being a good ancestor, which is summed up in the campaign slogan ‘Hei tupuna rangatira koe’. 

“While the iwi is not putting in place any hard number targets, we are an aspirational people and our ultimate goal is for 100% of eligible iwi members to be fully vaccinated by the end of summer 2022.”

Why Hikoi? And why 100?

“#HīkoiTo100 is a hīkoi to safety and it reflects that as Māori anything you put your hand to, you do it at 100% – especially when it comes to kaupapa.” 

#HīkoiTo100 will be supported by the Pou Uara whānau, a community resilience team who have been tirelessly supporting their people near and far with information, care kete and kai packages since the beginning of the pandemic in 2020. 

“This is about being a good tupuna. It’s about protecting our whakapapa and our way of life so we can get back on track to achieve our dreams and aspirations and back to being able to embrace each other.” 

In 1918 the Spanish Flu nearly wiped out Ngāti Kuri and when the TB epidemic came many children passed away. 

“We are doing everything we can to make sure that doesn’t happen again.” 

What to expect

Ngāti Kuri branded gear designed by Haumi will be offered up throughout summer to promote and recognise those doing their part.

Social media and media content will run throughout summer with iwi updates and trusted information, including Instagram and Facebook Lives with doctors and reliable sources, TikTok wero, and quick facts. 

Pou Uara whānau will be providing regular updates online and when possible face-to-face, with information and kete to whānau inside and outside the rohe. 

“We want whānau to know exactly where we stand on vaccinations and to have quality information and support available to them. With COVID-19 already in the community it has become real for us. And with summer on the doorstep, and whānau and manuhiri returning this is only set to rise.”

“#HīkoiTo100 is like the Pupuwhakarongo Taua warning us of danger coming to our kāinga. It signals to our uri and friends that you are all important and we all need to be protected from COVID-19. 

It is also a clear signal that we need to be in tune with our own frequencies, take heed of the messages prepared for you and what is expected of those returning.

Whether you are travelling to the Marae for tangihanga, to visit whānau or to camp or holiday here, we call on you to behave like a good tupuna.” 

The announcement follows changes to the iwi campsites, aligning to the new Government COVID-19 Protection Framework, where all Ngāti Kuri campsites will become COVID-19 ‘Safe Spaces’. This means Kapowairua, Rarawa and Taputaputa welcomes double vaccinated manuhiri, whānau and tamariki under 12 only and pre-bookings are essential to secure your spot.

For details follow #HikoiTo100 online and visit www.hikoito100.com   


For more information or to arrange an interview, contact: 

Mihi Blake on 027-577-2500 / [email protected]

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About Ngāti Kuri

Ngāti Kuri are descended from the original inhabitants, the founding peoples of the northernmost peninsula of Aotearoa, in Te Hiku o Te Ika.

Today Ngāti Kuri has a strong core of kaumātua living in the rohe, with many whānau spread  across its rural landscape as well as further abroad around the motu and the world. 

Ngāti Kuri Trust Board manages the delivery of Te Ara Whānui – a strategic vision for the future of its whenua, moana and tāngata. Te Ara Whānui is the result of decades of mahi on the WAI262 Fauna, Flora and Intellectual Property Rights claim.

Where WAI 262 was the claim, Te Ara Whānui is the action to honour the claim, allowing the people of Ngāti Kuri to fully step into the intention of their tūpuna who began it. 

Hei tupuna rangatira koe

Be a good ancestor

Whai i tō Tātou Haerenga

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